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MUJI colored pens can also draw beautiful hand accounts.

Many people think that if you want to start painting, you have to go to a special art shop to buy professional paper and brushes to start.

In fact, painting is a very simple thing, so simple that a piece of paper, or even a tissue paper, a pen can start a piece of their own work.

If you like colors very much, you don't have to worry about which one to buy. In fact, the tools are not the most important, the most important is your passion and interest in painting.

Many people think that the colored pen is a child's brush, if we are all adults, but also holding the colored pen painting, is not too naive. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of coloured pencils. Every medium of painting has its own characteristics, and coloured pencils are no exception. It is portable, easy to carry, does not need to add water or color, itself is already colorful, and many colors, very suitable for the use of hand tents.

One time, I found 70 colored pens when I was shopping in Wuji. It was not expensive and I bought them back. I wanted to paint them for fun. As a result, the painter discovered the unique charm of the colored pen, and now it is very convenient to do hand accounts.

The first thing that attracted me was that there were enough colors, especially the green ones, which were very rich and contained the dark, gray, dark green that I liked very much. To put it this way, I bought the bucket of color pen in green.

The first thing to buy a coloured pen is to make a color card. This method I recommend to you, no matter what paint you buy back, watercolor or crayon, I suggest you do color card, so that this box of color has an intuitive, rough grasp. When you first contact with new colors and when you are not sure, look at the color cards.

The production of color cards is actually very simple, that is, the number of each pen is numbered into a small box. Since the 70-color pens were not numbered by themselves, I numbered them myself and painted them with color cards. The 70 colors really took a long time, but after that, I thought it was worth it. Because of the color cards, I quickly learned about these colors.

After the color card is finished, you can take a closer look at these small pieces of color. It's great for me to like green. In addition, I found that the color of this color pen is very bright, but also more in line with my preferences, in terms of color I prefer colorful things. However, many people prefer light and elegant colors. If you like light colors, this may not be suitable for you.

Compared with the lighter colored brushes, this colorful brush is not easy to grasp, because each color is very full, so when painting on a piece of paper, it is easy to appear the problem of color mismatch, which is why most people choose light colored brush. But since I bought it back, I decided to use it well, just because my grasp of color is not very mature, as a practitioner.

First of all, I drew two different styles of self portrait.

Forgive my slag level, I just want to say, in fact, colored pen can not only draw naive things, from these two self-portraits can be seen, colored pen can show the first cartoon that kind of feeling, but also the second picture that kind of mature, deep feeling.

I found that when using colored pens, the full composition method is more visual and interesting. So called "full composition", you can understand that you can draw the entire piece of paper with pictures, leaving no space.

After the full composition, I began to enjoy the form of four caricatures for a while. In fact, it is also a combination of small full composition, each small box to show a picture, together into a story. You can also try to do this, the advantage is that in a box to show a detail can be, do not need to be all-inclusive, this can reduce the difficulty of painting, increase interest.

Tell us a little trick, when you feel your picture is more monotonous, especially in the painting of characters, feel lonely on the screen when a person is very boring, you can add background, such as different color blocks to distinguish the floor and wall, plus chairs, beds and other objects to foil, so the whole picture will be obvious It's much more solid and rich. When painting the background, pay attention to the collocation of the color and feel the whole picture. At this time, the color card comes in handy again. When we are not sure about the color, we should pay more attention to the color card.

How do you feel about colors? Most people who study painting still need to pay attention to color matching, there are some rules about color matching, there are also relevant books on the market. Learning color matching is good or bad. I think everyone has their own style, not necessarily in accordance with the public's vision. 70 colors of the style of the pen with you, how to draw on how to draw, comfortable on the line. If you really feel that your color is a problem, you can look for some professional books to see.

Coloured pencils can also be combined with collage hand accounts. Do not throw away the poster and advertisement page on weekdays. You can cut off your favorite pictures and put them in your hand account.

The "V" and the yellow car were cut from the advertisement and the rest was done with colored pens. It's also fun to get together.

I prefer green to green.

The above is the use of Muji colored crayons.
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